Mahwah High School Class of 1982
30 Year Reunion

Where: Mahwah Bar & Grill
When: Friday, November 23rd, 2012
Time: 7:00 pm to 2:00 am
Address: 2 Island Road, Mahwah, NJ 07430


    Over the past months your reunion committee has done a thorough job exploring our best options for a venue to host our 30 Year Reunion.    
    We compared 8 venues side by side, keeping in mind things we liked and disliked on our previous reunions.  The one thing that stood out was "Keeping the class together for a longer amount of time".
     At the 10 year reunion, we had it at the Sheraton and that was easily accomplished having it at the hotel.
     At the 20 year reunion, Mt. Fuji did a great job but it only lasted 4 hours and then the class went in many directions.
     So why the Mahwah Bar & Grill ?
    Out of all the possibilities Mahwah Bar & Grill worked hard to meet all of our demands.

  • They were the least expensive.
  • If we guarantee 100 people, they will shut down the restaurant just for us.  Nice.
  • The reunion will be from 7:00 pm to 2:00 am (7 hours)
  • MB&G will also provide shuttle service to your hotel.  A person will be assigned solely for this task.
  • Quality food and drink.
  • A casual setting with plenty of room for mingling, DJ, Dance Floor, Bar room, and outdoor patio.
     So you can see it became the obvious choice.  

    The Kunisch family who own both the Allendale Bar & Grill and the Mahwah Bar & Grill are a hard working family with a top notch staff who always bend over backwards to make sure you are happy.  As one classmate expressed, they were thrilled to offer the business to a local establishment.
    If anyone has a personal need or request, please let me know and we'll do our best to accomodate.
    The bid price has been set at $82/each.  This includes 4 hours of open bar (7:30pm-11:30pm), served appetizers, buffet style dinner, and DJ.  
   You can pay for your bids now, just go to the "Buy Reunion Bid" tab.
    Hotel information has also been posted.
30 Year Reunion
Where: 2 Island Road
Mahwah, NJ
United States

Contact: Ed Postolowski